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Project Description

Pacific Rim Augmented Reality

The Project Brief

This was a tie-in between soft drink manufacturer Emerge and the film Pacific Rim.

The agency The Late Night Salon asked us to create an Augmented Reality application to support an on-pack promotion.

There were many challenges involved in getting the app from concept to completion and the app was one of the first of it’s kind.

Project Features

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Augmenting an Object

We needed to create the experience so that users could scan the drink can and have the 3d model of the robot burst from the can.

The technology of the time was designed to work with flat images, rather than cylindrical objects. For this reason we had to come up with multiple samples of the product packaging to allow the app to accurately detect the image within the app.

In order to create the effect of the robot bursting through the wall of the can we had to create an accurate model of the can itself. Using depth-masking techniques we were able to make this appear as though the interior of the can was part of the physical object in the real world.

Recreating a Giant

Converting the 3d model for use on mobile was a challenge in itself. The polygon count had to be reduced significantly and the complexity of the supplied rig meant that it had to be recreated from scratch.

As the film was still pending release when we created the experience we had to work from the short clips we were provided to match the way the Jaeger robot moved.

A substantial challenge was creating animation that was quick enough but still portrayed the scale and weight of the robot.

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