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Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality – Connecting the real and virtual world together.

Augmented Reality (AR) is the overlaying of virtual content over the real world. This is usually done in a way that makes it appear as though it is part of the real world. Typically, the content is attached to a specific image such as a printed advert or billboard.

The software recognises the image and adds the virtual content. The content is tied to the position of the image so that it appears to share the same 3D space. An alternative method is GPS-based AR where a virtual element is tied instead to a physical location based on GPS coordinates.

Our Platform or Bespoke Development

Augmented Reality content can be delivered via your smartphone or tablet and is also being developed to work with wearable AR glasses. We understand that our clients need good strong frameworks, which is why we have developed our platform Ar.tifact, this robust system allows you to push out your content to customers in an easy way.

We were one of the first UK companies to use high quality 3D animated augmented reality. Our extensive research and development allows us to create bespoke cutting-edge solutions that bring Augmented Reality to your customers, staff or individuals.


Improve training, safety and save time

Augmented Reality is streamlining and disrupting entire industries. The proven technology and the unique way in which Augmented Reality works means you can improve internal processes, reduce errors and train your teams to work more efficiently and safely. Whether you’re looking to add AR to your business processes, training or marketing we can help you to design, implement and release software which works for your business.


Endless possibilities with Augmented Reality. See how we can kickstart your idea.

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