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Augmented Reality

Connecting the real and virtual world.

Augmented Reality has been proven to increase engagement, attract new audiences, create empathy, reduce errors, enhance brand awareness and increase safety. Connecting the digital and physical world has never been more exciting with the current trends in AR.

Our clients dare to dream big and some of the projects we’ve been privileged to work on have included an interactive game for Vodafone to attract graduate recruits and a promotional marketing campaign in conjunction with the hit film Pacific Rim. AR is effectively overlaying fictional content onto of the real world in a way that makes it appear as though it is part of the real world.

Bespoke Development

AR content can be easily delivered via your smartphone or tablet and via an expanding range of wearable AR glasses such as Microsoft Hololens. We know that our clients need good strong frameworks, which is why we developed our own platform Ar.tifact and also develop bespoke augmented reality apps using the same approaches. We have also led the way as one of the first UK companies to use high quality 3D animated augmented reality.


Next generation marketing

Augmented reality and mixed reality apps are streamlining and disrupting entire industries. Whether you’re looking to add AR to your internal business processes, training or outbound marketing, we can help you to design, implement and release software which will get results.


Pacific Rim Augmented Reality

Endless possibilities with Augmented Reality. See how we can kickstart your idea.

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