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Virtual Reality

Providing immersive content to all

Virtual Reality is redefining user experience and delivering a whole new level of realism to the people that matter – your target audience. For those of you who thought Virtual Reality was just about gaming, we disagree. Virtual Reality will change people’s perception of each other and as a result we will become more compassionate, more engaged and more open to new ideas and experiences.

Virtual Reality is the ultimate empathy machine. Every experience we produce is bespoke so we don’t have standard pricing or timelines. We can initiate, design and deliver on certain projects within weeks for all kinds of audiences and all kinds of businesses. In fact, we believe that any business in any industry can improve its sales and engagement using Virtual Reality.

Immersion and accessibility. Everything you see in this video is running on an iPhone 6. We wanted to show that we can create compelling and detailed virtual worlds for current generation mobile phones as well as high end PC experiences.

With a smartphone and a cardboard headset you have everything you need to experience the wonders of Virtual Reality. And of course, we have everything we need to build those virtual worlds for you.

We’re also developing for custom Virtual Reality hardware like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

High End Virtual Reality Simulation

We can use Virtual Reality to create fantastical worlds or we can use it create real-world situations for education, training or for entertainment. Fly a fighter jet, recreate a crime-scene or perform surgery in an accurately modeled simulation of the real world.


Amazing Virtual Reality using Current Generation Smartphones

You don’t need a powerful PC and a high-end headset to experience the amazing world of Virtual Reality. You’ll be astonished at the level of immersion we can create with a simple cardboard headset and a current generation smart phone. Massively interactive content for the mass market.

Endless possibilities with Virtual Reality. See how we can kickstart your idea.

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