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Immersive Technology – Virtual & Augmented Reality Developers

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We create digital experiences for the most innovative brands, institutions & individuals.

About Immersive Technology

Immersive technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality are incredibly powerful but the terms and jargon can be confusing.

Our primary focus is on making new technology work for businesses, addressing real problems.

To find out more about Immersive Tech, contact us or tune in to our new Immersive Tribe podcast below.

About New Moon Studios

Normally, you’ll see all traditional forms of marketing through a frame such as a TV or your computer screen. We believe that Virtual Reality is the next generation of marketing as it removes the frame that distances us from brands.

New Moon is dedicated to producing world-class customer experiences using the relatively new science of VR. We combine our creative thinking with a deeply grounded technical knowledge and partner with you to create a customer experience like never before.

Listen to our MD, Andy, talk about the business and some of our projects.

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We’d be delighted to walk you through how some of our technologies work and answer any questions. Please get in touch!

Art.ifact App

Ar.tifact is the flagship AR / VR app from New Moon Studios. With our cloud technology we can deploy your new interactive content in a matter of days rather than weeks. Why compromise on quality or interactivity when you can have both.

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Virtual Reality Demo

From developing mobile VR applications to high end interactive solutions for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, we are using the latest technology to create incredible brand building Virtual Reality experiences.

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