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Visitors come. Minds are blown
Virtual Reality for Museums

The savviest curators are already using virtual, augmented and mixed reality to enhance their exhibits. They’re firing imaginations, exciting emotions and re-writing the rules of real.

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Redefining reality and why it works

Create interactive experiences for your museums or galleries.​​​​​​​

More easily and more cost effectively than you might think, we work with curators and design teams to create immersive, multi-sensory experiences that reach new audiences, provoke thought and encourage conversations in a way that amazes and inspires.

Together, we can make your visitors feel like they’re on the moon, inside a surrealist’s painting, in rough seas aboard a Viking long boat, or centre stage in a Bollywood dance performance.

Using virtual, augmented and mixed reality tech, projection mapping, wearable technology and more, we create worlds to let them explore and experience ancient artefacts, cultural traditions, scientific wonders and artistic masterpieces that would be otherwise impossible.

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