The Future of AR and Photography

3D depth sensing cameras are increasingly becoming a viable addition to mobile devices. In the near future we will start to see mixed reality AR moving away from markers and trigger images.

Google are making great strides with their Project Tango.

Companies are already producing software which recognises objects and maps your environment from a 2D camera. The addition of depth sensing will make this more robust and production ready.

Imagine a Kinect attached to your smartphone. Facial recognition, human motion capture and even detecting facial expressions become not only possible but routine.

You phone will be able to scan your environment in far greater detail than current 2D cameras allow. Creating 3D interactive photos based on the combination of 2D and 3D data will become a standard way of sharing memories. Check out the amazing Seene app by Obvious Engineering for examples of how this currently works with 2D and imagine what those guys will do with the power of 3D depth sensing.

Combined with the advances in 3D printing this makes it feasible to have physical 3d reliefs of your memories to display on your mantlepiece.

The time is rapidly approaching when we will think back to those quaint 2D photographs the way we look back now at photos taken with a pinhole camera.

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