Here’s what they loved

  • Created a much talked-about centre-piece game at the museum

  • Giving customers a real feeling of combat

  • Multi-player functionality

The Project Brief

Aivaf needed to make the most of an amazing life-size replica of a churchill tank for the National Army Museum. They came up with the idea that it could be the setting for a three-player simulation game. New Moon Studios were asked to develop the simulation game software for this impressive installation.

The challenges included ensuring there was real co-operative multi-player functionality and combining the hardware and software to ensure they worked seamlessly together. All this, working to a strict deadline and budget – which we achieved.

When the engines burst into life, visitors get the powerful feeling of being in a tank and as the players drives through a minefield, a detonation below the tank creates the feeling that you really are in a combat zone.


Real Cooperative Multiplayer

Few games could come close to the level of cooperation required for the Churchill experience. Sitting within the realistic replica, the three players must work together and communicate well to complete the training course and finish with the best possible score.

The driver has to consider their position and speed to allow the gunners to take down the infantry and tank targets.

Physical Meets Virtual

The close collaboration between ourselves and the hardware company Aivaf made this a great example of what can happen when hardware and software work in combination.

When the engines burst into life – the audio played through speakers with formidable bass – the feeling of being in a tank is truly powerful. As the player drives through the minefield, a detonation below the tank creates a flash and rumble of noise. Each shot of the main gun echoes through the interior. Flashes of light fill the inside of the tank as your machine gunner lets fly with tracer fire.


This is what we achieved for the National Army Museum, imagine what we could do for you.