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Project Description

Vodafone Discover Mixed Reality Game

Gotta Recruit ‘Em All

A novel recruitment tool for Vodafone’s drive to secure the country’s most talented graduates. Tonic Agency needed someone to bring some Mixed Reality magic to their recruitment campaign and we were happy to oblige.

Players must dash from base to base using the AR map. On arriving at each base they enter Mixed Reality mode. Here they collect Vodafone bubbles and vital company info to build up their score.

Project Features

Client / Server Communication

Working closely with Tonic Agency, we created the iOS and Android versions of the app. In order to bring it all together we also built a user and arena management system. For this we chose Mongo DB and Node.js for speed and scaleability.

Accurate positioning of the bases within an arena was key to avoid health and safety issues and ensure the game was as fun as possible.

For this reason the CMS had to be user-friendly enough that team members could quickly update and tweak an arena using their mobile devices when they arrived at a venue.

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