The Project Brief

The team at webexpenses is very much at home with innovation. Technology is at the heart of their offering. So when they go out to promote their service they look at ways to be innovative in their events as well.

Here’s what they loved

  • Increased interaction from delegates at the Accountex event.

  • Improved brand awareness and perception

  • Impressed potential clients and great feedback from clients.

In 2016 they used an Augmented Reality game to draw the crowds at Accountex and other events. This year they wanted to create the same buzz around their stand again and decided Virtual Reality was the way to create that impact. They had a very clear concept in mind when they approached us. Our job was to make it a reality.

By ensuring that they had the appropriate hardware and software onsite as soon as possible we were able to get a playable build of their game into their hands in a matter of weeks. Working closely with their excellent marketing team meant we had totally clarity about the concept. Their enthusiastic and informed technical team made everything run very smoothly. The game itself launched at Accountex on the 10th & 11th May to great effect.

The game was a huge success and went down extremely well with the visitors to our stand. It was a head-turner and we received a lot of interest from passers-by and our neighbouring stands. We have also had some really lovely feedback on the concept and the game experience. No one else at the event had anything like this so it was completely unique.
— Caroline Trotman, Marketing Manager at Webexpenses

This is what we achieved for webexpenses, imagine what we could do for you.