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Quests AR is a collectable experience that allows players to find, befriend, or battle a variety of wonderful and unique characters and creatures. Players will use magic or special items to hunt out or lure creatures that will move around and interact with objects in the physical world, for example, crawling along walls or appearing from under tables.

pick up and play

We provide the software and the hardware allowing players to enjoy Quests AR quickly with no hassle. Quests uses the latest AR capable tablets paired with special cases making them safe to handle for younger players, creating a safe enjoyable experience that engages and entertains.


Bespoke Quests

Currently Quests AR has one fantasy package including all manner of mythical creatures, however custom Quests are available, whether you want to turn an area into a spooky dungeon with skeletons, an underwater world with a variety of sea life or a spaceship with aliens and robots we can make it happen. Get in touch to discuss custom quests.