The Skills to Pay The Bills

We’ve been at the cutting edge of immersive technology for the past 5 years. These are some of the tools we bring to the party.



Why stick to one reality when you can have a multitude? VR can recreate scenarios real and imaginary for any number of purposes. Whether you want to train or entertain we can bring your reality to life. Deploy using a cardboard headset or a full high end VR rig.


Augmented Reality

Rather than replacing the real world like VR, augmented reality brings the imaginary into the real-world. Think Pokemon Go and you’re part way there. Using your mobile device or one of a range of astonishing augmented reality headsets you can view virtual products, characters and more as if they were really in front of you. Conservatories on your coffee table or dragons in your den. It’s up to you.



Embarking on a new technology project is exciting but fraught with difficulties. Ensure you’re getting the right advice and putting together the right combinations of technology and creativity.

We have more than 20 years of experience in digital and 5 years of experience in immersive technology to call upon.

You may be pitching for a project or writing a tender that involves new technology. We can provide appropriate guidance, write requirements and create compelling imagery that will set your project on the right path from day one.


Game Development

Game design theory and the skills that go alongside underpin everything that we do at New Moon Studios. Immersive technologies like augmented and virtual reality are simply the next stage in interactive entertainment and digital storytelling.